Temporarily Closed

Dear Friends!
As COVID-19 is spreading around the world and quickly tightening it’s grip on St. Louis, we are all inevitably heading into a very uncertain and chilling future. And at this point some of us have some really hard decisions to make.
The businesses that can work remotely are doing so already, but here in the bar and restaurant world we are faced with a moral crossroads - keep the business going and attempt to provide for our staff or shut down and be part of the effort to increase social distancing. This is a very difficult decision, as most of our staff don’t have insurance, paid leave or benefits. And even though I will certainly do all I can to take care of my staff, I can’t afford to sustain them without an operating bar.
That said, these are desperate times, and ultimately the health of our patrons, neighbors and staff is more important than anything else. So, having thought about this long and hard, I have decided that the right and responsible thing for me to do is announce that this Monday - March 16 will be the last day the HandleBar will be open to the public until we are on the other side of the pandemic curve and it is safe to open doors again.
I want to thank you all for your support throughout the years and even in these last few eerie days. You the people make HandleBar the beautiful little happy place that it is. So again, thank you. Today I would like to ask you to please show the bar and especially the HandleBarbarians as much support as you can. Come out if you are feeling well. Tip heavily. Consider buying a gift card to use later (we have them available on the website as well as at the bar). Enjoy yourselves, buy booze to drink and to go, and most importantly be you and have fun as well as of course wash your hands ;)
Hopefully this will all pass in a few months and we’ll reunite again to share drinks and stories yet again, and in September we hope to celebrate HandleBar’s 10th Birthday!
I love you, STL
Tatyana Telnikova


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